The Greening of Great Sankey – an update on Parsonage Way Great Sankey

The Greening of Great Sankey – an update on Parsonage Way

Great Sankey Parish Council are committed to making our green spaces more beautiful, sustainable and inspiring places to be.

During the year, Warrington Borough Council have transferred the lease on the field at Parsonage Way to the Parish Council. We are presently in the early stages of working with Warrington Borough Council to come up with project scoping, feasibility, and costs for elements to enhance the area for the benefit of the local community.

Initial consultation, 14th May 2017

The Community Projects Group met on 25th July to review the report on the consultation from Mersey Forest. The Group felt that the information in the report did not provide a strong conclusion and accepted that there had been some issues with the consultation process. However, people generally supported the idea of improvements, including upgrading the drainage to the field, replacing the existing railings and making the field more accessible with the construction of a path.

Meeting with Warrington Borough Council

A meeting was held with Warrington Borough Council (WBC) for their advice and comments on the proposals and the consultation findings based on their experience of similar schemes. WBC offered further services such as,

Investigation of the drainage issue, including surveying, recommendations and costings for any remedial work required;

Recommendations for tree management, planting, scrub removals and costs;

Options for the removal and replacement of the existing boundary railings, including a new entrance;

Options for a pathway to link Parsonage Way with Liverpool Road;

WBC also commented on the proposal for play equipment. Natural play areas work well where the site can be locked at night – the field at Parsonage Way may not be suitable for this. WBC stated that the installation of a small children’s play area aimed at 0-8 years, sited away from housing and the main road but within view of the road, would be more advantageous if a play area is wanted.

Current Position

The recommendations from the Community Projects Group are for the Parish Council to engage Warrington Borough Council to provide project scoping, feasibility, and costs for the elements listed above. Once this information is received the Community Projects Group will consider any potential funding available and make further recommendations for the field to the Parish Council. No decisions will be made until this information is available, and after further consideration by the Parish Council, residents will be informed.