Lifesaving Defibrillator installed at Tim Parry Community Centre Great Sankey

Lifesaving Defibrillator installed at Tim Parry Community Centre

A defibrillator has been installed outside Tim Parry Community Centre, off Wroxham Road to give members of the public access to the potentially life-saving device.

The wall-mounted defibrillator was purchased by Great Sankey Parish Council and can be used by members of the public at any time to aid someone in cardiac arrest. After phoning 999 an ambulance operator will give a code to open the box where the defibrillator is housed and also instruct people with no experience on how to use it safely and effectively.

The defibrillator is intended to be used by untrained members of the public and gives recorded instructions on its use. It checks the heart rhythm and gives an electric shock, if required, to restore a normal rhythm.

Councillor Steve Pennington, who was involved in the purchase of the defibrillator said:

“ Hopefully the defibrillator( AED)  at the Tim Parry Community Centre will never need to be used. However recent local events have shown us that even young children can suffer a cardiac arrest when playing football or other vigorous sports. The installation of an AED near to a popular pitch and play area is reassuring to the local community. The use of the automated defibrillator will allow earlier access to appropriate treatment which can make the difference between life and death.”

Councillors Steve Pennington and Paul Warburton