Great Sankey Parish Council brings Grounds Maintenance in-house. Great Sankey

Great Sankey Parish Council brings Grounds Maintenance in-house.

Great Sankey Parish Council will now look after the management of its own grounds and have recently recruited a Head Gardener to bring the grounds maintenance in-house.

The Parish Council currently contracts out the grounds maintenance service but agreed to bring the service in-house from the end of June 2023. The reason for this is that over recent years you, our community, have provided feedback indicating your appreciation of our work and expressing a desire to do more if possible.

Peter Watson the Chair of Great Sankey Parish Council said “ Great Sankey Parish Council manages five Community Centres, three of which have gardens, a beautiful newly landscaped park; Vicarage Community Park, Lingley Green, Tim Parry Recreation Ground and Childs Wood.

Five years ago the Parish Council embarked upon an ambitious ‘Greening of Great Sankey’ campaign. Great Sankey has undergone significant change and development and the Parish Council has been at the forefront in developing innovative green spaces to address issues from speeding traffic to designing and landscaping Parks to improve the quality of the green spaces and the mental wellbeing of residents”.

Vice Chair, Cllr Dan Price who led the initiative to insource grounds maintenance said “After many years of improving our green spaces in Great Sankey, this new role gives us the ability to do more, raise our standards and to be more flexible to meet the needs of our community. I can already see the difference our head gardener is making and I’m excited about the projects ahead of us”